An Exploration of The Lived Experience of Informal Student Carers During Covid-19

Daisy Blaksley


Informal Student Carers (ISC) are students who provide unpaid care to a friend or family member needing support. We explored the lived experiences of ISC and the challenges they faced throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. A scoping review, questionnaire-based survey and volunteer interviews were undertaken to identify the themes which predicate student carer’s experience during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our research showed that a combination of financial concerns, time constraints, and the lack of visibility of student caregivers all contributed to this student group's poor mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic. Educational institutions have an obligation to be informed and support the unique and varied needs of ISCs.


Student carer; unpaid care; informal student carer; university; university students; educational institutions; higher education; covid-19 pandemic; covid; pandemic;

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