Increasing Student Engagement in Pharmacy Law

Natasha Slater, Ricarda Micallef


To enhance student engagement and learning, the use of a social medial platform, Snapchat, was introduced into a cohort of second year pharmacy students (n=160). This study aims to evaluate student perception of this intervention which was used in a pharmacy law module. Participation in the intervention was voluntary. An evaluation survey was designed to understand usage of the Snapchat tool through tick box responses and comment boxes. The survey was given out and collected at the end of a lecture. The response rate was 55.6%. Of those with an active Snapchat account, 90% (n=63/69) had joined our pharmacy law Snapchat account. When asked whether Snapchat supported revision, 91.9% (n=57/62) agreed whilst 81.0% (n=51/63) reported that the snapchat account had increased their knowledge in relation to pharmacy law and 93.8% (n=60/64) would recommend this learning tool to their peers.

Keywords:  Student engagement, SnapChat, Social media, Pharmacists, Pharmacy Law


Student engagement; SnapChat; Social media; Pharmacists; Pharmacy Law

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