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Vol 1 (2019) A Mathematical Approach to Ranking Short Deck Poker Hands and How These Rankings Could Affect Play Abstract   PDF
Charlie Corden
Vol 1 (2019) A Mathematical Deconstruction of Pyramid Schemes Abstract   PDF
Charlie Corden
Vol 2 (2020) A statistical insight to penalty shoot-outs in the FIFA World Cup tournaments Abstract   PDF
Oliver Robert Barnes, Kan-Thai Ling
Vol 2 (2020) A study of the Performance of Premier League teams measured by the goals scored in the first 45 minutes and the second 45 minutes of the games in the period 2000-2019 Abstract   PDF
Nicholas Stylianides
Vol 2 (2020) An insight to the ranking systems used in tennis and how this impacts the performance of a player in a major tournament Abstract   PDF
Oliver Robert Barnes
Vol 2 (2020) An Interesting Family of Groups of Homeomorphisms of the Real Line Abstract   PDF
Shivali Raval, Catherine Smith-Dance, Syed Sameed Ahmed
Vol 2 (2020) An Introduction to Climate Modelling and the Impact of Climate Change on Average Temperature in Leicester Abstract   PDF
Shivali Raval
Vol 2 (2020) Bayes Theorem and its Recent Applications Abstract   PDF
Eleni Kontou, Nicholas Stylianides
Vol 2 (2020) Can the Poisson Distribution be used to model outcomes in the Premier League? Abstract   PDF
Rakesh Raval
Vol 1 (2019) Comparison of World Record Transfer Fees in Football Post-2000 Abstract   PDF
Ryan Alty
Vol 2 (2020) Determining the Winner of a Tied Limited-Overs Cricket Match Using Batting and Bowling Indices Abstract   PDF
Rohit Baran Chakravorty
Vol 2 (2020) Does qualifying for Europe affect a teams performance in the League? Abstract   PDF
Jack Sheppard
Vol 2 (2020) Effect of spending in the January transfer window Abstract   PDF
Aadil Shaikh
Vol 1 (2019) Evaluating Football Tactics- Pulling a Defender Abstract   PDF
Chloe Swadling
Vol 2 (2020) Fractals and the Koch Snowflake Abstract   PDF
Jack Sheppard, Callum Lee
Vol 1 (2019) Game Theory Behind Shop Competition Abstract   PDF
Lewis Pledger
Vol 1 (2019) Home Advantage in Popular Team Sports Abstract   PDF
Lewis Pledger
Vol 2 (2020) How Newton's Method can be used to find all roots of all polynomials Abstract   PDF
Catherine Smith-Dance
Vol 2 (2020) Index Of Coincidence Abstract   PDF   PDF
Eleni Kontou
Vol 1 (2019) Mathematics of Campanology Abstract   PDF
Andrea Pygott
Vol 2 (2020) Naïve Bayes: Machine Learning and Text Classification Application of Bayes’ Theorem Abstract   PDF
Owen Baines
Vol 2 (2020) Predicting Sales for the Next Generation of Consoles in 2020 Abstract   PDF
Amy Chung
Vol 2 (2020) Properties of Pathological Functions and their Classes Abstract   PDF
Syed Sameed Ahmed
Vol 2 (2020) Random Forest Classification Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Owen Baines, Amy Chung, Rakesh Raval
Vol 1 (2019) Showing the Surprising Difficulty of Proving That a Circle has the Smallest Perimeter for a Given Area, and Other Interesting Related Problems Abstract   PDF
Oliver Phillips
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