Puffball Bibble and magical voice-altering berries


  • Pahi Kakade Natural Sciences, University of Leicester


Film, Biology, Physics, Acoustics, Voice Alteration, Barbie, Mermaidia


In Barbie’s Mermaidia, the 7th Barbie film, we see Barbie, also known as Elena, exploring the treacherous and unknown underwater environment of Mermaidia [1]. In her quest to find the famous ‘Immunity Berry’ which supposedly makes the consumer of the berry immortal, she is accompanied with her puffball sidekick, known as Bibble. In their quest, they come across an underwater magic sea fruit cavern, where Bibble finds himself amazed by the collection of fruits and berries and starts eating them one by one. These mystical fruits are able to change his voice which later helps the duo retrieve the Immunity Berry from goblins. This paper delves into the science behind the voice altering effects of these magical fruits on Bibble’s voice.



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