Latin lives on! Classical and post-classical Latin

Lin Foxhall, Jo Story, Sarah Knight


This project developed a new and exciting introductory Latin course integrating classical and post-classical Latin for undergraduates studying Ancient History, Archaeology, History and English. In addition to a firm grounding in basic Latin grammar, the module explores how Latin lived on in many forms beyond the Roman Empire up to the twentieth century. Intertextuality between classical texts (e.g. Virgil) with the post-classical texts they inspired (e.g., Alcuin, Milton) forms a key component of the module. Readings are drawn from a wide range of sources beyond standard 'texts' including coins, graffiti and inscriptions. This module provides a valuable skill for students studying and researching historical, literary and historical archaeological topics. Themes covered include: history writing, letters, biography/hagiography, letters, student writing, pastoral poetry, legal texts, mythology, geography and travel writing, erotic/love poetry, satire and humour, oratory/rhetoric and sermons.

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