P4 8 The Writing’s On The Wall

Oliver Malkin, Roshni Bakrania, Hannah Devenport, Caitlin Hanna


In this paper we discuss the effects of the exploding pen from the James Bond film "GoldenEye". During a demonstration, the pen is seen to be able to remove the torso of a human. A typical Parker jotter pen, the apparent pen used in the film, can hold 8.2 ml of high explosives, in this case that is 14 g of TNT. This releases 32,000 J of energy into the chest. By treating the explosion like crater formation we can calculate a hole created by the pen to be 89 mm. This would kill a human but would not cause the total destruction of a torso as seen in the film. For this to be the case a 6.9 kg stick of TNT would be needed, not quite as stylish as a slim Parker pen.

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