P2_8 Journey to the Depths of the Earth

Conan Murgatroyd, James Stinton, Charlie Kinsman, Dan Mott


This paper aims to determine velocity and travel time of a Bathyscaphe vessel as it descends to the bottom of the Mariana’s Trench and rises to the surface again. Using the density of the vessel while submerging as ρ_sink = 1100 kg/m^3 , the terminal velocity of the vessel is v_sink = 1.47 m/s and it will take 2 hours and 5 minutes to reach the bottom. Similarly, using the density of the vessel as it rises as ρ_rise = 1020 kg/m^3 gives a terminal rise velocity of vrise = 0.235 m/s and takes 12 hours and 59 minutes to reach the surface. The total travel time is 15 hours and 5 minutes.

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