A6_6 The AMD Heater

Peter Gorringe, Claudio Pizarro Salcedo, Tom Price, Thomas Bristowe


In the world of computer components, especially those designed for gamers, AMD components have always been synonymous with a long standing joke that in the past, these parts were capable of producing so much heat they could act as room heaters. In this paper, we establish whether this claim is valid, by using the power output of current generation components, and an average sized UK bedroom, among other assumptions. We determine that it would take approximately 37 minutes to heat an average sized room to 20oC from 5oC, the UK average in Winter. This means that, in this system, an AMD computer is a viable room heater, but in the real world, this is not the case due to heat loss from the room, and components not realistically able to run at maximum power indefinitely.

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