P6_4 Will Luffy's Punch Leave You in 'One Piece'

Katie Knowles, Jack Strachan-Deol, Laura Thompson, Aidan Kelly


In this paper, we present an analysis of the capabilities of the devil fruit powers of Monkey D. Luffy, the main protagonist for the Japanese comic and animation ’One Piece’ (1999-Present) [1]. The strain, stress and force required to stretch Luffy’s arm to 50.000 m in order to deliver a ’Gum Gum Pistol’ punch was calculated. It was shown that a force of 7.380×10^5 N would be required to stretch his arm to this distance, and his arm would experience a tensile strain and stress of 76.519 and 0.306 GPa, respectively. The impact of such a punch at this distance was found to be 13.828 kN of force, equivalent to approximately 2.766 times that delivered by an elite heavyweight boxer.

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