A4_6 Supersonic Boogaloo

Sean Brunyee, David Jessop, Cordelia Brown, Luke Russell


The 2020, A43 paper went about correcting a previous paper about the bullet drop of a .338Lapua magnum round during the, at the time, record holding killing shot distance at 2475m. Itdid so by using a more complex model which considered air resistance in the x direction, however itassumed that the bullet remained parallel to the ground throughout its flight. This paper developsthis model, by assuming that the bullet faces its direction of motion, and applies the drag forcein the opposite direction, resulting in both an x and y component of said air resistance in orderto find the range of angles which bullet can initially be fired at in order to hit a 2m tall targetat 2475m that is set at the same height as the rifle. It was found that the range of angles wasbetween 2.266 and 2.312 degrees.


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