A3_11 Rudolph the Red Shift Reindeer

Daniel Andrew Potts, Eleanor Morton, Sam Shingles, Michele Capoccia, Rosie Hodnett


This paper explores the physics behind Rudolph’s red nose,  by investigating how fast he would have  to  travel  for  a  brown  nose  to  appear  red  to  an  observer  due  to  red  shift.   We  found  that Rudolph would have to travel at a speed of 0.153 c for this to occur.  We also found that at this speed, Santa’s original green coat would appear orange, and that a speed of 0.271c is requiredfor the green coat to appear red.  We also found that moving at a speed of 0.153c, Santa wouldhave an extra 22 minutes to deliver his presents.  We conclude that we cannot answer some of the mysteries of Santa and his reindeer by applying the principles of red shift.

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