A5_5 Comparing Energy of Free-fall in a Schwarzschild Space-time to Special Relativity

Sean Spencer Hughes, Sunil Taper, Leandro Carvalho, Kieran Crutcher


We compared relativistic effects in a warped Schwarzschild space-time to special relativistic effects in flat Minkowski space-time by equating the Lorentz transformed energy of a particle in Minkowski space-time to the energy of a free-falling particle in Schwarzschild space-time. We develop a relation where a red-shift factor translates relativistic effects of free-fall velocities in Schwarzschildspace-time to special relativistic effects from having a velocity in Minkowski space-time. An interpretation of this is that the warping of space-time causes special relativistic effects. Moreover, a particle in Schwarzschild space-time of a plank mass at 2 Schwarzschild radii free-falls at 2^(1/2)/2 to have equivalent relativistic effects of a stationary particle in Minkowski space-time.

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