A4_3 Exoplanets, Life and Beyond

Joshua Ford, Peter Millington-Hotze, Elsa Monget, Alex Blewitt, Josh Finn


In 1964, Kardashev proposed a system classifying planets on their technological advancementthrough the use of energy on Earth. In this paper, by using the same methodology and exoplanet data, we attempt to create a more accurate and less anthropocentric system by suggesting a new threshold for a type-I civilisation. We employed data from 571 exoplanets and 661 stars to ascertain a new value of 1.12×10^23 W for a type-1 civilisation. In doing this, we have formed an overgeneralised system that is overtaken in bias’ towards common inhabitable planets such as “Hot Jupiters” and thereby anomalising Earth.

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