P1_8 Magcargo, I Don't Choose You!

Gary Sutlieff, James Cowen, Tom Hyde, Patrick Doyle, Toby Johnstone


In this paper we estimate the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) of Magcargo, the "Lava Pokemon" from the popular Pokemon video game series, and from there estimate the caloric intake necessary to maintain its extremely high internal temperature of 10, 000 C. We then calculate approximately how much heat energy a Magcargo would leak to its surroundings in the Pokemon world. It was found that it would have an impossibly high BMR of 3.94×10^733 W, which would require Magcargo to ingest 1.18×10^733 Calories each second. Additionally, it would emit thermal radiation with a Luminosiy of 1.27×10^9 W.

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