P4_8 Ringworld Dynamics

George Thomas, Danae King, Rhys Williams, Yasum Abbas


Dynamic properties of the ring world structures in the video game series ‘Halo’ are investigated. The ring worlds rotate, and so have an associated centripetal force, which is approximately equal to the gravitational force of Earth [1]. The work done to accelerate each ring from rest, to an angular frequency which results in this centripetal force, was calculated to be 4.17×1024 kg. The angular frequency of each ring was calculated to be 1.4×103 rad s−1. It was assumed that the ring world was accelerated by a propulsion system, which ejects matter at high velocities, therefore producing thrust like a rocket engine or an ion propulsion system. To minimize the mass required to do this, the speed of the material was maximized. Therefore the speed was assumed to be equal to c, the speed of light in a vacuum. The mass of the material was calculated to be 3.97×1012 kg.

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