P4_6 Super MAC Cannons

Yasum Abbas, Rhys Williams, Danae King, George Thomas


The physics of a super MAC (magnetic acc elerator cannon) in the halo universe is investigated.
This weapon creates powerful magnetic fields using multiple superconducting solenoids. The force due to the magnetic fields created by these solenoids accelerates a 3000 tonne Ferric-Tungsten slug to a velocity of 0.04c. It is assumed that a super MAC cannon uses 5 solenoids with about 500 turns each. Each solenoid increases the velocity of the slug by 2.4 × 10 6 m/s. Each solenoid must do 8.64 × 10 18 J of work to cause this change in velocity. It was found that a current of 28.1 MA must flow through each solenoid to do this work.

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