A4_4 An Experimental Analysis Of An Icy Demise

Aleisha Hogan, Beth Henderson, Nabeelah Jinnah, Jack Terry


The SAW films are a series of graphic horror films featuring a serial killer intent on testing the will of his victims through a series of traps. One such trap features an elaborate seesaw mechanism. At one side of the seesaw is an ice block with a man suspended above it, and on the other side, a man harnessed to an electric chair, such that when the ice block melts, the chair will activate and both men will meet their end. In this paper, an experimental investigation is conducted to determine how long such a process would take
and whether it would fit within the 90 minute time frame given in the film. The results indicate it would take approximately 70 minutes for the ice cube to melt sufficiently for both men to meet their icy demise.

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