P6_7 Killer Rabbits: Preparing for Battle

Katie Jiggens, Johanna Antonelli, Paola Rojas Guijosa, Gemma Bower, Kimran Dhaliwal


In the 1975 film “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, we are introduced to a fictional rabbit who has the ability to decapitate and kill humans. Within this article, we explore breeding an army of 100 million of these rabbits on-board a spacecraft for the purpose of invading a habitable planet within the Universe. We discover that it would take a total of 3.6 years to breed this number. We also investigate how far they could travel within a rabbits’ expected lifetime, travelling at a velocity of 0.85c, and the amount of time this voyage would appear to take from the perspective of a stationary observer on Earth. It is calculated that, throughout a period of 7 years, they could cover a total distance of 5.9 light years. This would appear to take 13 years to the stationary Earth observer.

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