A3_2 Through the fire and flames

Jacob Charles Coley, Morgan Lillie, Margarita Myskovets, Alex England, Beatrice Andrews


In season seven of the popular television series Game of Thrones, a large structure called The Wall is felled by the blue fire of a dragon. [1] In this article we aim to discuss the energy required to melt a hole straight through a wall of dimensions seen in this episode if it was made of pure ice, and how long this would take and whether this form of attack would be viable in a real-world scenario. We assume The Wall to be a similar temperature to a glacier, and the fire emitted by the dragon to be of a circular cross section. We found the energy to melt a hole through the centre of the wall to be Q = 1.72∗1013J, which would take a blue-flame-emitting dragon 14.4 days to complete, meaning this form of attack would not be a good approach.

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