A1_1 A Leak in Space

Louis Warford, Tong Wu, Ocean Hophuong, Leonard Li


In the interest of risk management, it is important that we consider all possible eventualities that could endanger the crew of future manned spaceflights. In this paper, we derive the rate of loss of oxygen when a hole compromises a ship and determine how long a crew have to act before oxygen reaches critical levels. We find the relation, t = 2.8×10-3 V/A s, where V is the volume of the cabin, t is the time till critical levels are reached and A is the area of the exposed hole. We conclude that, for a reasonable V, the crew have a very limited amount of time to act. This makes it clear that the best solution is to compartmentalise a ship, as there is enough time vacate the area and seal off the leak.

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