Why Publish with NMES?

You will receive feedback on your work: Receiving quick and helpful feedback from different sources is an invaluable part of the writing process. Articles chosen for peer review receive critiques from our reviewers under a double-blind system. For an overview of our experts working on various aspects of Middle East and North Africa, please refer to the Editorial Team of NMES.  

Fast indexing: Works published in NMES website are automatically indexed in Google Scholar. 

We have faster peer review and publishing procedures: Our streamlined editorial process and online publishing allows you to showcase your work far more quickly than is possible with traditional journals. The journal is committed to providing comprehensive feedback within two months of submission.  

Your work will be accessible to a wide audience: This international open access journal is widely available to the general public and not restricted to people with access to JSTOR, Taylor & Francis and similar services. Open access will help your work attract global attention and boost its impact factor. Unlike traditional journals, we do not restrict you from uploading your work to academic social networking websites such as Academia.edu. Thus as soon as your work is published in NMES, you can upload and advertise it.    

We are updating the traditional journal format: Most journals in our discipline follow the traditional journal format (articles and book reviews). We offer new formats (i.e. “Quick Studies”) that expand on the traditional journal.

Submit a "Quick Study" and intervene in current debates: Quick Studies are shorter (2,000 words maximum / no minimum) pensée-style opinion pieces on any number of topics. Submissions could include, but are not limited to, a discussion of a particularly noteworthy aspect of work in progress, commentary on the direction of a current debate, highlighting of a cross-cutting methodological or theoretical issue, or discussion of a specific place or time neglected by scholarship.