Instructions for Book Reviews

If you are interested in reviewing books for the journal you should contact the responsible Associate Editor Dr Estella Carpi by email:

As you prepare the review please keep the following guidelines in mind.

Standard book reviews should be no longer than 1.000 words although, depending on the book(s) being reviewed, they may be longer occasionally. All book reviews should be prepared and submitted according to the general Author Guidelines of NMES journal.

The following information should be given about the book at the start of each review:

A book review should be a balanced and accurate description of the book, based on evidence and examples and not on subjective likes or dislikes of the reviewer. In addition, the review should include a fair assessment of the content with constructive comments about the strength and weaknesses of the book. Reviewers should also indicate the intended audience for the book. Other aspects that may be part of a review are:  

  • The main ideas and objectives of the book
  • How well they have been accomplished
  • The context of thought or events that prompted the book
  • The author’s expertise and position
  • The soundness of methods and information sources used
  • The style of the author

When referring to a particular page in the book, indicate the page number in parenthesis. If the book is a collection of articles or papers written by different authors do not get lost in detailing each author and chapter. Instead evaluate the main themes of the book and the unifying or diverging perspectives present.