New Middle Eastern Studies

New Middle Eastern Studies (NMES) is a biannual international peer-reviewed journal indexed in various respected scientific databases.

NMES exists to offer new perspectives on debates within Middle Eastern Studies and to challenge main orthodoxies in the field. The journal is in dialogue with a set of perspectives inspired by critical, post-colonial, non-orientalist and “global” approaches in the study of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, and welcomes such contributions. Taking this aim a step further, however, NMES suggests to tackle issues from a comparative, cross-cultural perspective with the goal of going beyond consolidated frameworks and encouraging original accounts of life and politics in the Middle East.

NMES acknowledges the perspectives of people “on the ground”, as local voices are seen as a source of inspiration for thinking beyond Western ontological schemes and political views. In this direction, the journal strives to contribute to non-Eurocentric understandings of the region and encourages contributions that challenge mainstream theories and perspectives.

NMES promotes the exploration of historical, socio-economic, cultural, intellectual and political processes that are constitutive of the multiplicity and multi-layered set of transformations that have shaped the region in the last 3 millennia. The journal welcomes original contributions from the humanities and the social sciences that engage with these themes and which are able to frame case studies in a wider theoretical and comparative framework.

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NMES journal also publishes book reviews. The Editorial Board of the journal is of the opinion that the reviews have an important place within the academic network of publishing.

The reviews published in the journal are published with Digital Object Identifier (DOI) numbers, which are sent to the indexes where the journal is searched. 

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New Middle Eastern Studies (NMES) is a peer-reviewed journal indexed/abstracted in the following international scientific databases... 



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Call for Papers: A New Era for NMES

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Vol 11, No 1 & 2 (2021)

Table of Contents


Maryam Amjad Ali, Shamaila Dodhy
Jan Byczkowski
Yusuf Bera Topaloğlu
Shahd Alshammari, Rami Chahin
Sayed Elsisi

Book Reviews

Nadim El Kak
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