Understanding the different challenges facing students in transitioning to university particularly with a focus on ethnicity

Hannah Parker, Annie Hughes, Caleb Marsh, Sadia Ahmed, James Cannon, Emma Taylor-Steeds, Lucy Jones, Nigel Page


A positive and successful transition into University is crucial if students are to stay the course in higher education and experience successful outcomes. However, challenges exist in ensuring a connected transition from secondary and further education to higher education that is inclusive and supports the diversity in our current undergraduate student body. We set out to explore the diverse experiences that first year students report about their recent transition to a post-1992 University. We were particularly interested in how these experiences and challenges differed by ethnicity. This is incredibly important given the disparity, recognised in the sector, in the attainment of Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) students compared to their White counterparts and particularly pertinent that this trend reverses attainment patterns in secondary education. This paper summarises some of our key findings in determining the challenges facing students from different backgrounds in their transition to university. It argues that Universities will have to change their transition and wider offer to ensure that diverse students feel welcomed and develop a sense belonging in Higher Education in order for them to achieve successful outcomes.

Keywords: Transition, widening participation, ethnicity


Transition; widening participation, ethnicity

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.29311/ndtps.v0i12.2450

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