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Museum and Society (M&S) is an independent peer-reviewed journal which publishes new writing and research by academics and museum professionals about museums in their social contexts. The journal is both international in scope and at the cutting edge of empirical and theoretical research. Our objective is to explore the museum-society relationship in all its variety by encouraging research that represents the broad spectrum of the social sciences (anthropology, economics, educational studies, human geography, social psychology, and sociology) as well as relevant historical, scientific, and humanistic studies. M&S is interested in how museum practice (past and present) resonates with social issues and problems. In addition, we are interested in how high quality and innovative arguments on museum-centred topics contribute to and perhaps resolve debates within the disciplines themselves. Practitioners and academics such as historians and philosophers with an interest in our vision for museum studies and practice are also invited to join the conversation.

As a journal, we are committed to diversity in every facet of our work: in selecting editors and reviewers; in publishing articles by a wide variety of authors on a range of appropriate topics; and in seeking a broad readership. We take active measures to achieve these goals. For instance, we conduct research and reach out across our international networks to find reviewers, contributors, and editors. We may offer mentorship to authors from populations and regions that are under-represented in the journal, though ultimately, all articles must go through our rigorous review process. We do not offer translation services, but whenever possible, we assist non-native English speakers to bring promising work to publication. In sum, we aim to balance our adherence to a rigorous review process with a dedication to removing the structural and systemic barriers that often characterize academic publishing.

Museum & Society was launched in March 2003 by Gordon Fyfe, Kevin Hetherington, and Susan Pearce.


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Vol 21, No 1 (2023): Open Issue

Table of Contents


Si Xiao
Linda J Thomson, Esme Elsden, Helen J Chatterjee
Niki Nikonanou, Thouli Misirloglou
Shari Sabeti
Stuart Bowes
Rebecca Damjanovic, Robert Mason
Jacqueline Anne Cawston, Nomatshayina Mfeketho, David Powell, Dimitar Angelov

Book Reviews

Book Review: Dominique Poulot (ed), L'effet musée: Objets, pratiques et cultures
J. Pedro Lorente
Book Review: J. Pedro Lorente, Reflections on Critical Museology: Inside and Outside Museums
Alexandra Bounia