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Macdonald, Sharon, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)
Macdonald, Sharon
Macdonald, Sharon, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin University of York (Germany)
Machin, Rebecca
MacLeod, Suzanne
Madsen, Theis Vallø, Faaborg Museum and The University of Southern Denmark (Denmark)
Mahony, Emma, National College of Art and Design, Dublin (Ireland)
Mallinder, Stephen
Mangione, Gemma
Marcus, Alan, University of Connecticut Gentry 424 Unit 3033 249 Glenbrook Road Storrs, CT 06269 (United States)
Margolis, Francine
Margolis, Francine, George Washington University (United States)
Marselis, Randi, Roskilde University (Denmark)
Marshall, Christopher R.
Martin, John, John Martin, University of Wisconsin – Madison (Wisconsin, USA) Sr. Teaching & Learning Consultant UW-Madison, Academic Technology 608-556-3061 (United States)
Mason, Rhiannon
Mason, Robert, Griffith Unversity (Australia)
Massie, Alastair, National Army Museum (United Kingdom)
McAleer, John
McCall, Vikki
McCall, Vikki, University of Stirling (United Kingdom)
McCarthy, Conal, Museum & Heritage Studies programme School of Art History, Classics and Religious Studies Victoria University of Wellington 42-44 Kelburn Parade Wellington (New Zealand)
McCarthy, Conal
McGhie, Henry, Manchester Museum, University of Manchester (United Kingdom)
McGregor, Debra
McLean, Fiona
McManus, Paulette M., Institute of Education, London University (United Kingdom)
McShane, Ian
Mead, Matt
Mendel, Yonatan
Message, Kylie
Meyer, Morgan
Mida, Ingrid E., Ryerson University (Canada)
Mihalache, Irina, University of Toronto (Canada)
Mikhaylova, Anna, University of Leicester (United Kingdom)
Mimica, Tena
Montanari, Elena, Politecnico di Milano Department of Architecture and Urban Studies Piazza Leonardo Da Vinci 26, 20133 Milano, (United Kingdom)
Moore, James
Mordhorst, Camilla
Morgan, Jennie
Morgan, Jennie, University of Stirling
Morishita, Masaaki
Morley, Joel, University of Birmingham (United Kingdom)
Morris, Andy
Morse, Nuala, University of Leicester (United Kingdom)
Morse, Nuala, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester
Mortensen, Christian Hviid, Media Museum (Denmark)
Moschovi, Alexandra
Moussouri, Theano
Munro, Ealasaid
Murtas, Donatella

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