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Labrum, Bronwyn
Lagerkvist, Cajsa
Lanz, Francesca
Laursen, Ditte, The Royal Library, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Lawley, Ian
Lawrence, Elizabeth, Ball State University (United Kingdom)
Lawrence, Elizabeth
Lawrenson, Anna
Levin, Amy
Levin, Amy, Northern Illinois University (United States)
Levin, Amy K, Northern Illinois University (United States)
Levin, Amy K.
Levitt, Peggy
Liao, Min-Hsiu
Liddiard, Mark
Lien, Sigrid, University of Bergen, Department of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies Bergen (Norway)
Lindauer, Margaret
Liu, Wan-chen
Loeseke, Annette, New York University (NYU) Berlin
Longhurst, Brian
Lord, Beth
Loxham, Angela, Department of Sociology, Lancaster University (United Kingdom)
Lythberg, Billie, Mira Szászy Research Centre, The University of Auckland Business School Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, Private Bag 90219, Auckland 1142 (New Zealand)

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