The Most Powerful Material in Westeros: Fiction Exhibitions and the Authenticity of Fiction Objects

Märit Simonsson


This article examines authenticity in relation to exhibitions about films and television series and the objects they contain, defined here as fiction exhibitions and fiction objects. The study is based on an analysis of Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition. Material and constructed authenticity are examined and used in the analysis. It is concluded that the exhibition relates to both categories of authenticity, as it contains authentic material from the production of the series and constructs authenticity by emphasizing the fiction objects’ value. The value of objects is also discussed in relation to the representation of different fictional cultures in the exhibition. Comparing exhibitions and objects of fiction with exhibitions and objects of cultural history, the paper concludes that their authentic qualities are similar, confirming that fiction exhibitions and objects are no less authentic than exhibitions and objects in established museums.


Exhibitions, objects, fiction, authenticity, fiction exhibitions, Game of Thrones

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