Difficulties in Launching Digitization at Museums: The Case of Lithuanian Municipal Museums

Aya Kimura


Digital technologies are inseparable from museum practices but working on them from scratch has not been well studied. This study explores the difficulties of digitization in 54 Lithuanian municipal museums. The complete questionnaire (N=50) on the targeted museums was conducted in 2017, which aimed to gain empirical data on digitization. Responses to free-text questions in the questionnaire revealed the difficulties of digitization. Faulty equipment, lack of competency, and increased workload were difficulties for personnel; a lack of equipment, personnel, and structural reform due to inadequate funds were institutional challenges. The analysis indicates the first three phases of digitization obstacles in museums: the accomplishment of the minimum requirements, pursuit of quantity, and attempts at better quality.


Digitization; Museum Professionals; Questionnaire; Lithuania

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.29311/mas.v20i2.3610

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