The MindLab Project. Local Museums Supporting Community Wellbeing Before and After UK Lockdown

Jade French, Nic Lunt, Martin Pearson


Catalyst is a science discovery centre and independent museum based in Widnes, United Kingdom. Since 2018, it has collaborated with mental health charity Mind Halton on The MindLab project; a science inspired wellbeing programme for residents local to the museum in an area where access to mental health support is low. As museums in the twenty-first century are being increasingly regarded as community resources capable of producing valuable social impact, this article considers the role of museums in harnessing this potential to enhance community health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. It reflects on the challenges encountered during this unprecedented period of lockdown, as well as the emerging opportunities through the perspectives of those delivering The MindLab project.


covid-19; mental health; wellbeing; community-based interventions; science discovery centre

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