Présence Commune, Museum Mohammed VI for Modern and Contemporary Arts (MMVI), Rabat, Morocco, 28.03.2017 - 31.09.2017.

zineb Bahji Bahji


The present review focuses on the temporary exhibition Presence Commune that was held at Museum Mohammed VI for Modern and Contemporary Arts (MMVI) of Rabat, Morocco, from 28 March to 31 September 2017. The review contextualizes the exhibition Presence Commune and examines the communicative strategies it used to convey its messages. It also explains how this artistic event adds to the various artistic and cultural programmes and events that the Moroccan National Foundation of Museums organizes in the course of democratizing access to culture and promoting harmony and tolerance through the universal language of art. The review also shows how the exhibition reflected the role of MMVI in initiating dialogues among artists and visitors from different ethnicities, religions, and African countries, and how it supportedMorocco’s new cultural agenda.Morocco has made cultural diplomacy a priority after the uprisings of the Arab Spring and the rise of religious and ethnic conflicts in the region of North Africa and theMiddle East.  

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