Editorial Team

Chair of the Editorial Board

  1. Dr Suzanne MacLeod, University of Leicester, United Kingdom

Production Editor

  1. Jim Roberts, University of Leicester, United Kingdom

Reviews Editor

  1. Cesare Cuzzola, United Kingdom

Copy Editor

Advising Editor

  1. Professor Eric Gable, University of Mary Washington, United States
  2. Mr Gordon Fyfe, Keele University

Managing Editors

  1. Dr Kostas Arvanitis, University of Manchester, United Kingdom
  2. Katy Bunning, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
  3. Professor Alexandra Bounia, University of the Aegean (Greece), Greece
  4. Dr. Annette B. Fromm, independent, United States
  5. Dr Yunci Cai, School of Museum Studies, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
  6. Dr Areti Galani, Media, Culture, Heritage Newcastle University, United Kingdom
  7. Dr Helen Graham, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
  8. Dr Paul Jones, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
  9. Ian Lawley, Independent, United Kingdom
  10. Professor Amy Levin, Northern Illinois University, United States
  11. Dr Jenny Kidd, Cardiff University, United Kingdom
  12. Professor Laurajane Smith, Centre for Heritage and Museum Studies, Australia
  13. Dr Ana Souto Galvan, Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom
  14. Eliza Steinbock, Leiden University, Netherlands
  15. Claire Sutherland, United Kingdom
  16. Dr Jen Walklate, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
  17. Professor Andrea Witcomb, Deakin University, Australia
  18. Dr Anna Woodham, Kings College London
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