UniCoVac Position Paper: Considerations for University Campus-Based Programmes for COVID-19 and Other Infectious Disease Vaccines

Christopher D Bayliss, Lieve Gies, Manish Pareek


This position paper sets out the rationale, logistics and limitations for delivery of COVID-19, MMR and meningitis vaccines to university students. Key aspects considered are ascertainment of vaccine status and campus-based delivery of vaccines. The approaches described in this position paper require an inter-disciplinary approach. There will be a requirement for data analysts to enable personalised, secure access to vaccination records, for social media experts and sociologists to design appropriate pathways and literature for disseminating information and for public health experts to oversee literature outputs and delivery of campus-based immunisation programmes. Contributions from vaccinologists, economists and modellers will also be required for monitoring and assessing the utility of implemented recommendations.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.29311/lwps.202153849


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