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Reinterpreting ‘Using Concept Maps in Law Schools to Foster Meaningful Learning: Evidence from a Pilot Study’ (Deplano, 2018)

Cecilia Adekoya


A reinterpretation piece: For Rossana Deplano, learning goes beyond memorisation and her article wishes to provide an alternative that can help students shift from learning for tests to learning meaningfully. The article considers the method of using concept maps, which are similar to mind maps, but are formed as hierarchies, starting with the topic and expanding to various points. Rossana also believes that the road to meaningful learning needs the involvement of the teacher to help the students make connections between the prior and new knowledge. Taking all of this into consideration, the article inspired me to think about my own learning experience, and I reinterpreted the piece in the form of a poem, called ‘Cycle’. It is loosely linked to Kolb’s learning cycle, simplified as ‘do, think, conclude, adapt’.

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