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Vol 5 (2016) Watts the amount Eddie Hall could save on his electricity bill? Abstract   PDF
Sam Seneviratne
Vol 8 (2019) What Does Kirks Radiation Poisoning Tell Us About The USS Enterprise? Abstract   PDF
Peter Daniel Jacob Weller, Leon Rozing
Vol 2 (2013) What happens if an arm lock goes too far? Abstract   PDF
Linden Lonsdale, Kelly Anne Deamer, Elaine Lieu
Vol 8 (2019) What if from now on, we start shooting all waste produced worldwide into space? Abstract   PDF
Leon Rozing
Vol 8 (2019) What is the smallest planet where an astronaut could accidentally escape gravity? Abstract   PDF
Leon Rozing
Vol 9 (2022) What type of levitation works best for levitating a broom from “Harry Potter”? Abstract   PDF
Daniel Draycott
Vol 4 (2015) What Volume of Low-Alcoholic Beer can be Consumed Before Reaching the Legal Driving Limit? Abstract   PDF
Danny Chandla, George Harwood
Vol 8 (2019) What would be the effect of having ‘nerves of steel’ on the ability to bend your elbow? Abstract   PDF
Leon Rozing
Vol 5 (2016) What Would the World Be Like to a Borrower? Abstract   PDF
Jonathan Panuelos, Laura Green
Vol 10 (2023) What’s in Cupid’s Arrow that makes you Fall in Love? Abstract   PDF
Angel Johnson
Vol 8 (2019) When New York Freezes – An Exploration into the Ice Formation in the Movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ Abstract   PDF
Hannah Mahoney, Elizabeth O'Meara
Vol 7 (2018) When Pigs Fly: Can it be done with magnetism? Abstract   PDF
Christopher Benjamin TARLING
Vol 5 (2016) Which Is The Most Offensively Powerful Starter Pokémon? Abstract   PDF
Thomas Codd
Vol 7 (2018) Why do Asari have different coloured blood to humans? Abstract   PDF
Luke Willcocks
Vol 4 (2015) Wolverine: The Force Behind His Train Lunge Abstract   PDF
David Evans
Vol 8 (2019) Would it be feasible if everyone drove a car in the UK? Abstract   PDF
Shivani Kerai
Vol 8 (2019) Would it be possible for every Canadian to own a polar bear? Abstract   PDF
Hannah Mahoney
Vol 5 (2016) Would Mad Max make a good ‘Blood Bag’? Abstract   PDF
Devpreet Surae, Matthew Johnson, George Watson
Vol 5 (2016) Would Pamela Poovey Suffer from a Cocaine Overdose? Abstract   PDF
Katherine Smith
Vol 2 (2013) Would the Demolition Man become the Demolished Man? Abstract   PDF
Jacob Cox, Cassandra Obee, Jonathan Cogle, James Pierce
Vol 8 (2019) Would The Doctor and Martha Have Survived on the Moon with the Judoon? Abstract   PDF
Peter Daniel Jacob Weller
Vol 6 (2017) Would You Like Some Ice for That Burn? Abstract   PDF
Alex Parry
Vol 2 (2013) X-men: Wolverine Abstract   PDF
Elaine Lieu, Kelly Anne Deamer, Linden Lonsdale
Vol 7 (2018) “The Fastest Man Alive” – but how? Abstract   PDF
Dilshan Pieris
Vol 7 (2018) “You’re tearing me apart, Lisa!” – The force needed for Lisa to pull off Johnny’s arm (from the movie The Room) Abstract   PDF
Ismail JAN
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