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Vol 9 (2022) A detailed consideration of the mechanism and events surrounding Oompa-Loompa speciation Abstract   PDF
Sarah Hume
Vol 4 (2015) A Model to Determine the Maximum Instantaneous Speed of the Flash Abstract   PDF
Danny Chandla, Skye Rosetti
Vol 4 (2015) A Penny For Your Thoughts Abstract   PDF
Osarenkhoe Uwuigbe
Vol 3 (2014) A Scandal in Belgravia … for whom? Abstract   PDF
Stephanie Taylor
Vol 4 (2015) A Scientific Approach to Being “All About That Bass” Abstract   PDF
Osarenkhoe Uwuigbe
Vol 3 (2014) A Wild Magcargo Appeared! Abstract   PDF
Yannic Chen
Vol 5 (2016) Alcohol or Caffeine; What Would Kill You First? A Study into Common Alcoholic Beverages Consumed by University Students. Abstract   PDF
Matthew Johnson, George Watson, Devpreet Surae
Vol 8 (2019) All you need is some Friends to brighten up your day! Abstract   PDF
Shivani Kerai
Vol 9 (2022) Analysis into potential lifestyle factors that may influence defecation frequency Abstract   PDF
Will Foldys
Vol 6 (2017) Are Frozone’s Powers Feasible? Abstract   PDF
Katy Tobin
Vol 5 (2016) Are New Tyres Faster Than Old Tyres? Abstract   PDF
Matthew Johnson, Devpreet Surae, George Watson
Vol 7 (2018) Are the A-Team A-Okay? Abstract   PDF
Vol 5 (2016) Are the Hometrees in James Cameron’s Avatar Structurally Possible? Abstract   PDF
Rowan Reynolds, Chris Ringrose, Robbie Roe
Vol 3 (2014) BoRK or BT? An Analysis for Vayne Players in League of Legends Abstract   PDF
Chuqiao Huang
Vol 3 (2014) Breaking Bad: Gus Fring’s Face Blown Off Abstract   PDF
Somaya Turk
Vol 6 (2017) Buddy the Elf’s Health Problems Abstract   PDF
Katy Tobin
Vol 5 (2016) Calculating the minimum amount of income Genovia makes from exporting pears Abstract   PDF
Raisa Ahmed
Vol 6 (2017) Calculating the Power Change of a Lightsaber Due to Colour Abstract   PDF
Luke Willcocks
Vol 6 (2017) Calculating the Power Output of Qui-Gon Jinn’s Lightsaber Abstract   PDF
Luke Willcocks
Vol 3 (2014) Calculating the Punching Power of “One-Punch” Mickey Abstract   PDF
Daim Sardar
Vol 10 (2023) Can Eun Bo's Silver Chopsticks Really Detect Poisons? Abstract   PDF
Naomi Lester
Vol 6 (2017) Can Hiccup Supply Enough Fish to Maintain a Dragon’s Diet? Abstract   PDF
Amal Doua
Vol 2 (2013) Can Nyan Cat Escape The Moon? Abstract   PDF
Cassandra Obee, Jacob Cox
Vol 10 (2023) Can synthetic blood replacements be produced for vampires? Abstract   PDF
Naomi Lester
Vol 6 (2017) Can the Flash Warp Time? Abstract   PDF
Bryce Norman
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