Energy Expenditure of Monsters University’s ‘Slug Monster’

Raisa Ahmed, Sam Seneviratne, Frances Tennant


This paper looks to find the energy expenditure of the Slug monster comically depicted in the film Monster’s University as running incredibly slowly to his lesson. As the Slug is seemingly unaware of time passing by, it is assumed that either due to hypoglycaemia or susceptibility to cold temperatures, the slug occasionally blacks out, meaning he is only running for 6 hours a day for 32 weeks - though to him this seems like one long day. Likening the Slug to the American banana slug, and making suitable assumptions for the Slug’s physical parameters allowed its total energy expenditure to be calculated. It was found he exerts 5.22x109 J of energy in total, which can be attributed to the rapid motion of his arms.


Film; Physics; Mechanics; Energy/mass conservation; Monsters Inc

Full Text:



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