Does Malory Archer's Drinking Fit Within the Drinking Guidelines for an Elderly Lady?

Katherine Smith


This paper looks at the alcohol consumption of Malory Archer, and calculates the average unit consumption per week to calculate whether Malory's drinking fits within the recommended unit intake as given by the NIAAA and CSAT. It has been determined that based on the number of drinks consumed during screen time that on average Malory drinks 8.719 units per week (1.246 units per day), meaning that Malory drinks less than the guidelines given by the NIAAA and CSAT for an elderly lady. However, given the fact that Malory is not shown as much in the TV show for reliable unit intake, it is very likely that she does drink more than the NIAAA and CSAT limits based on basic observations, meaning that the calculated values are lower than expected.


TV programme; Biology; Alcohol consumption; Malory Archer; Archer

Full Text:



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