Would Mad Max make a good ‘Blood Bag’?

Devpreet Surae, Matthew Johnson, George Watson


Mad Max: Fury Road is a popular movie released in 2015. An iconic scene is where Max is transfusing blood to Nux and the aim of this paper is to find out if Max could have sustained this level of transfusion even though his heart rate was elevated and by using the timings of the movie, the suitability of Max could be found out. It was calculated that Max would not have been able to sustain transfusing blood to Nux as after 19 minutes and 50 seconds, over 60% of his blood was transfused, with the death of Max most likely occurring before this point.


Film; Biology; Blood transfusion; Mad Max

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Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) Director: George Miller. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures

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