The Viability of Screams as a Power Source

Osarenkhoe Uwuigbe


This paper investigates the feasibility of using screams to meet the energy requirements of Britain. The concept is inspired by the Disney and Pixar animated film Monsters, Inc. where their world is powered by the screams of children. This paper uses this concept and applies it to the whole population of Britain in order to assess the viability of screams as a power source. By assuming, everyone in Britain can scream at the highest possible level for a human (129 dB) and that the screams last for on average 2 seconds. It was found that to meet the energy requirements of Britain, all the residents of Britain would be required to scream 2.8 x 108 times a day and have the energy produced stored. 


Film; Physics; Power-Energy; Screaming; Monsters Inc

Full Text:



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