The Range of the Dragon Shout in Skyrim

Skye Rosetti, Osarenkhoe Uwuigbe, Scott Brown


The ‘call dragon’ shout from the popular Bethesda game Skyrim has the ability to summon a dragon from any point on the games 40km2 map. By modelling the attenuation of the human voice, it was discovered that the male and female human voices would only carry between ~0.11-0.15 km. For the shout to travel the entire map and arrive at an audible level, the shout must be at a volume of the order 1036 dB or 1048 dB for males and females respectively. Alternatively, for a very loud human shout (129 dB), the dragon would have to hear magnitudes as low as 10-46 dB.


Computer game; Physics; Acoustics; Screaming; Skyrim; The Elder Scrolls

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