A Scientific Approach to Being “All About That Bass”

Osarenkhoe Uwuigbe


This paper discusses the claim in the popular Meghan Trainor song that curvier people are more about the bass than thinner people. It has been taken that in the song, “bass” is referring to the bass range of hearing which has frequencies between 20Hz-200Hz. Using the DeBroglie wavelength, the wavelength for a range of masses were found then converted into frequencies and compared to the bass range. It was found that the maximum mass for a male and female to be within the bass range is 152kg and 128kg respectively. Comparing this to a height/weight chart, it was deduced that contrary to the song, relatively thinner people are more about the bass than curvier people. 


Music; Physics; Wave-particle; DeBroglie wavelength; Megan Trainor; All about that bass

Full Text:



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