The Nutritional Value of Toothless’ Meals

Amal Doua


In the 2010 film, How to Train Your Dragon, Toothless is struck down during a dragon raid and loses his left tail-fin, leaving him trapped in The Cove. A previous paper determined that it was unfeasible that Hiccup would be able to carry the amount of fish depicted in the film, however this paper assumes otherwise. This paper investigates the nutritional value of the same amount of fish, and whether this could sustain Toothless and his metabolism. Provided that Toothless receives 13 Icelandic cod and 56 Atlantic Salmon, he takes in 2.95x106 kJ of energy and 1328 kg of protein every day. Toothless uses 1.33x105 kJ in a day, so the amount of fish Hiccup brings would be sufficient to maintain his metabolism.


Film; Biology; Nutrition; Dragon; Toothless; How to Train Your Dragon

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