Are Frozone’s Powers Feasible?

Katy Tobin


Frozone, a friend of the Incredibles family in the 2004 film ‘The Incredibles’, has super powers that enable him to produce and manipulate vast amounts of ice. In the film, it is stated that he does this by using water molecules from the air or from his body. Frozone is seen to freeze a man in the film using his powers, and it was calculated that 2.53x10-7 kg of water would be required to do this. It was also investigated whether it would be possible for him to acquire this amount of water from his body or from the air in Chicago. It was calculated that Frozone would be able to freeze 2.15x108 and 1.67x1014 people utilising water molecules from his body and the air in Chicago respectively, therefore concluding that his powers are feasible. 


Film; Physics; Material properties; Superhero; Frozone; The Incredibles

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