The Force Required to Stretch Elastigirl’s Arm

Katy Tobin


The 2004 film ‘the Incredibles’ features a family of superheroes with different and unique superpowers. This paper investigates the superpowers of Elastigirl (also known as Mrs Incredible or Helen Parr), who has super elasticity and flexibility, as well as being able to shapeshift by utilising her elasticity. The strain, stress, and force required when Elastigirl’s arm is stretched to 30m and a thickness of 1mm was calculated. It was shown that her arm would experience tensile strain of 50.7, tensile stress of 10.1MPa, and would require of force of 318.4N to stretch this far.


Film; Physics; Material properties; Mechanics; Superhero; Elastigirl; The Incredibles

Full Text:



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