Scream 2’s Screams to Screen Scream 6

Uatii Hengari


Randy, a character, from Scream 2 acknowledges that the sequel of a horror film has more of everything than in the original. Considering this increased amplification Scream 2 was considered as a possible fuel to screen Scream 6, except based solely on the screams in Scream 2 and the length of those screams. From calculating intensity and power of the total screams in the film, which were 58, the power turned out to be 8,264,529,160 W and this power is enough to screen Scream 6 and the other films in the franchise at least once; 1,366,313 screenings of Scream 6 can be powered with all the screams in Scream 2.


Film; Physics; Power; Sound; Energy; Scream; Scream 2; Scream 6

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