Study Into The Frequency Of Defecation Of Twelve 20-22-Year-Old Males

Will Foldys


This study looks at the defecation rates of twelve 20–22-year-old male subjects and by asking questions about their lifestyle, reveal dietary or behavioural factors that may affect these rates, and how well defecation rates may be predicted. Significant differences in defecation rates occurred during differences in hours slept per night, as well as a linear relationship between mass and yearly defecation rates, suggesting those that need to increase their bowel movements should firstly look at their sleep schedule. It is hopeful that this research will lead to a further understanding of how lifestyle factors can affect bowel movement and help those suffering from gastrointestinal related disorders such as IBS or constipation.


Health; Biology; Defecation; Caffeine Consumption; Sleep; Diet

Full Text:



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