How Many Maxim Tomatoes Would Kirby Need to Consume to Fuel an Attack Against Bowser?

Carl Naybour


This paper describes and calculates both the forces of three types of attack (punching, kicking and headbutting) from Kirby directed onto Bowser, and the number of Maxim Tomatoes Kirby would need to consume to complete each of the attacks, within the Smash Bros title, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It is found that, at a pre-set damage of 300%, Bowser is launched at maximum recorded speeds of 2037 km hr‑1, 2093 km hr-1 and 1043 km hr-1 for punching, kicking and headbutting respectively. This then gave forces of 6.68x10N, 6.86x106 N and 3.42x106 N for these attacks, and would require a respective Maxim Tomato count of 2050, 2169 and 537. 


Computer game; Biology; Physics; Mechanics; Power-Energy; Nutrition; Kirby; Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

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