All you need is some Friends to brighten up your day!

Shivani Kerai


This paper is based on the popular comedy TV show Friends and aims to work out how much laughter is exercised in whole a series. This is used to work out how much energy is used for a person to laugh constantly at that amount of time. Thereafter using this amount of energy, it is calculated how many standard 100 W LED light bulbs can be powered for one minute using that energy. The key findings of this paper are that the approximate total amount of laughing in a whole Friends series is 1207 minutes, where 1520.82 calories based on that laughter can increase heart rate up to 20% from rest level [1]. This amount of energy is equivalent to lighting up a standard 100 W LED light bulb, assuming all the energy is used to light up the bulb.


TV programme; Physics; Biology; Metabolism; Laughter; Power-Energy; Friends

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