How high does Paper Mario have to jump to match the strength of his regular counterpart?

Nadia Al Hashemi


The video game superstar Mario is well known for his jumping ability. In the spin-off game, Paper Mario is similarly well-known but is physically made of paper. This paper explores the differences in the impact force between regular and Paper Mario and calculates the jump height Paper Mario would need to attain in order for him to carry the same impact force as regular Mario. To do this, Paper Mario is assumed to be a rectangular sheet of paper, and the same height as regular Mario, but much less dense. From calculating the impact force from regular Mario to be 17.3 kN, it was found that in order to match this force, Paper Mario would need to attain a height of 47.6 m. As a result, while it is possible for Paper Mario to match Mario in damage, it is unrealistic that he would be able to do so. He can however, jump multiple times on enemies which would increase his damage output.


Computer game; Physics; Mechanics; Mario; Paper Mario

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